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Tri-Port Speedway (also known as the "North Island Exhibition Grounds") is located on the Northern end of Vancouver Island, in B.C. Canada. Situated approximately 2 1/2 hours North of Campbell River, and 2 kms south of Port Hardy, this 1/4 mile clay oval track offers some of the best racing on the island, with drivers getting more seat time and payouts.

Adjacent to the track, we have an area for the drivers and pit crew to park overnight. There are camp grounds and hotels to be found, all within easy reach of the track, as well as some excellent restaurants. On site, our concession offers up some awesome food. Our admission prices are the lowest on the island, making for a very low cost family outing. Shortly after the racing ends, the fans are welcome to enter the pit area to view the cars and talk to the drivers.

Due to the continual decline in the Super-Stock car count over the last few  years, we phased this class out of our schedule line up. New to our 2002 race season we have a new class of cars, which will be run in addition to our  Stocks, and Mini-Stocks. A normal raceday will consist of a Trophy Dash event for each class, 2 Heat Races for each driver of each class, and a Main Event for each class. Depending on car count, the main events may be run in an "A" and "B" format. Special event participants will include IMCA MODIFIEDS, and ROADHOG CARS. Any car and driver, from any track, is welcome to join in the fun, *but* you must have a home track, and be conformed to their building and running rules. *You will get a "One Race Grace", in which that rule does not apply.*

2002 Race Schedule:

Admission Prices ~Top (spectators)& Bottom (drivers)Gate Fees~

For those of you unfamiliar with our track, we are a club owned and operated non-profit organization, run by it's members and with volunteer help. The track was built with many hours of volunteer help and donated equipment. Every position on any race day is filled by volunteers, and we are always looking for new people to come out and give it a try. If you are interested in getting into the thick of things, feel free to approach one of our members or operating staff on any given race day. See the racing from a new and exciting perspective! Your help would be greatly appreciated! Contact information:

On that note, and on the other side of the coin, if you are in a position to help us out financially, by sponsoring a specific event, purchasing trophies, or day sponsoring an out of town driver, we'd love to hear from you! Not only will you get race day promotion, but we can also offer the same promo here, with a link to your companies web site should you have one. As there are always maintenance/upkeep/improvement jobs that need to be tended to, any donations towards this sort of thing would also be greatly appreciated, be it in a material or monetary form. Remember that all donations ARE tax deductible. If you're interested, call Rod , Brad or Don , or approach any track representative at the track. We look forward to hearing from you.

As this Web Site was not created nor is it maintained by a professional, I'd ask that you excuse what might be missing. Anything of importance will be added as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to make suggestions, and to leave your comments when you sign the Guest Book. (See link at bottom of this page)

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2002 Running & Building Rules: ~Now Easier To Navigate and available for downloading. See below. All are self extracting zip files, in a generic windows text format~

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